sabato 13 giugno 2020

11th Hour Racing Team - We stand with those seeking equality and justice

We want to acknowledge what is happening in America and around the world. We would be remiss to continue with a progressive sustainability agenda without addressing the fact that basic human rights are being called into question.
Social injustice, economic privilege and environmental issues are interconnected. These symptoms are the tragic result of a deeper malfunction that exists within our social ecosystem.
We need to acknowledge that our sport is historically white and privileged. We need to start asking ourselves tough questions about how the sailing community can change for the better and how we can be leaders of this change. 
We’ve stood back and listened to the voices from this past week, they are powerful and we feel that change is needed in many aspects of our society - and in our sport. We are against all forms of racism and intolerance and stand with those seeking equality and justice. 
We pledge to support diverse communities and facilitate equitable access to nature. On the water and off the water we must work to make sailing more inclusive. We can all be better citizens; more aware of imbalance wherever we encounter it. 
We define sustainability as the intrinsic balance between the social, economic and environmental aspects of our everyday actions. As we continue to develop the social elements of our work, we will move forward with open eyes and ears with a commitment to developing a more inclusive and sustainable future.

We consider you, our fans, key stakeholders in our campaign and in our sustainability journey. If you have any questions or want to engage with us on what meaningful actions our team can take in this space, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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