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Olympic Sailing News - 6 August 2016

So the racing doesn't start for another couple of days, but don't think for one minute that sailing has been sitting back and watching the action. Sailing was one of the most represented sports in the Rio 2016 opening ceremony.    Proud sailors led out their national teams to the estimated 3 billion viewing worldwide public. But it didn't stop there. Brazilian legend Robert Scheidt had the honour of reading the athletes oath for each and every competitor at the Games whilst another, Torben Grael, was one of a select group of athletes to carry the flag of the International Olympic Committee into the stadium.

Also, for those of you watching from the comfort of your arm chair and who are regular visitors to the website over the past few days, you may have noticed all round cheeky chap from our #SelfieMode video, Spain's 470 helm Jordi Xammar with partner in crime, 49er crew Iago López Marra, at the front of the team drawing the camera's attention from the flag bearer, someone you may have heard of, Tennis' Rafa Nadal. Move over Nadal, the sailors are in town!
Watch Xammar's #SelfieMode video here.

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