domenica 14 febbraio 2021

PRADA Cup - Luna Rossa wins two more points and consolidates its lead on 4-0 against the British team

Second day of racing in the final phase of the PRADA Cup.  The scenario of today's two races is Course E, positioned between the islands of Waiheke and Rangitoto, where the wind conditions are notoriously shifty due to the height of the surrounding islands.  Luna Rossa, with two spectacular regattas of pure match racing, wins two more points and consolidates its lead on 4-0 against the British team.

The first regatta starts on schedule at 4.15 pm with wind at 15-16 knots from 035 °. Luna Rossa enters from the right side of the pre-start area and takes an immediate position of control over INEOS Team UK. The two boats sail at over 30 knots of speed on starboard tack towards the pin end. At the zero, in perfect time on the starting line, Luna Rossa takes the right side of the course and lets the British go on the left. 

From this point on it becomes a tacking duel, in perfect match race style, where Luna Rossa defends the right of the course that, evidently showing more pressure. The lead at the first gate is 9 seconds. On the downwind leg there is full control, with the British recovering a few meters. The second beat continues to be close. Luna Rossa applies match racing by the book and at the third gate the lead increases to 18 seconds. The script is similar on the next legs with well-executed maneuvers. Luna Rossa crosses the finish line of race one with a 13- second lead.

In the second race the wind drops to 13-14 knots. The entry order in the box this time is reversed and Luna Rossa enters first, at 2:10 from the left side, with INEOS at 2 minutes from the right. In the pre-start maneuvers, at one minute from the start, INEOS wheels up and falls from the foils, but recovers quickly and resumes flight a few seconds later. This however is not enough to overtake Luna Rossa who leads the race throughout each leg, extending the lead at each gate. The regatta closes with a 37-second advantage.

The racing weekend comes to an end with Luna Rossa leading the series 4-0.
Due to some new community cases of COVID-19, the New Zealand government has announced that it will raise the COVID alert to level 3 for the next 72 hours starting at 11.59pm today. This means that the regattas scheduled for Wednesday are postponed and the regatta village will be closed.

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