lunedì 25 novembre 2019

Agreement signed between FIV and Shanghai Wispark Sports

The Italian Sailing Federation and Shanghai Wispark Sports signed a letter of intent for the dissemination of the brand and FIV activities in Asia.   Specifically, Shanghai Wispark Sports will have the exclusive rights to promote the federal logo, news, photos and videos, also managing social profiles that will report to FIV in Asia. This agreement also provides for the search for partnerships, including sponsors and governmental ones.
To strengthen this bond, events and competitions will be organized that involve the involvement of federal athletes.    "Sport is our love and our dream, since 2001 we have been taking care of Chinese sporting activities and we have created countless wonderful sporting events. - says Vivien Tsui, General Manager Business Development of Wispark Sports, arrived in Italy to sign the agreement - We hope to bring happiness and style in sport with professionalism and technology and let the positive sporting spirit penetrate into the lives and hearts of all. "

“After supporting Clipper China, Wispark Sports will continue to support to promote the sailing culture in China.” says Frank Shen, Found and CEO of Wispark Sports, “We are happy to form collaborations and communications with the top sailing countries in the world to contribute to various areas of sailing”

The President Ettorre specifies “For the Italian Sailing Federation it is another fundamental step of opening towards a nation, China, and above all towards the Asian continent that will allow us to spread the culture of the sea, the organizational capacities of our clubs and the excellence of the Italian sail ahead of the approach of the Olympic team in Tokyo. It will involve intense communication, promotion and marketing involvement. "

About Wispark Sports:
Shanghai Wispark Sports is one of the top sports companies in China. It has focused in major sports events and professional races since 2001, serving client including: Nike, NBA, Coke, Budweiser, Garmin, HSBC, Ferrari, Tencent, Alibaba, et. Last year, Wispark has been supporting sailing industry in Asia by creating the joint venture – Clipper China together with Clipper Ventures PLC in UK.

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