domenica 10 giugno 2018

M32 EUROPEAN SERIES ACT3 - KRISTIANSAND - DAY 2 - No wind no races but good fun testing the M32

This morning Kristiansand offered its cloudy version.    Temperature still very high but very dense clouds that stopped the sea breeze from coming in.   This weather situation kept the M32 fleet on shore as well as the beside M24 fleet attending the nordic Championship.    The situation was not really looking good when around 4:00pm the PRO Mattias Dahlstrom (as well as the PRO of the M24 fleet) cut off the day.
Like many and many time it happens in our believed sport, 15 mins later the sky cleared off and a sailable breeze picked up to 8 knts.    This was enough for the M32 fleet to go out for some training that become immediately a two hours of ‘hot seats’ and sailing test as many of the sailors around were asking to sail on board with the M32 teams.

The very friendly atmosphere make its contribute to put all the pieces of the puzzle in order and more of 25 sailors has got a ride on board of an M32.    To see them really enjoying it and to hear them speaking about the superb quality of the boat has been the best rewards for all the M32 teams involved.

Around 7:30 this nice experience ended in front of a superb banquette of fresh sea food and fresh beer at the tent of the event.     Tomorrow the fleet has anticipated the start to 12:30, the weather forecast is not clear but we expect enough wind to have more racing.

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