sabato 5 maggio 2018

Volvo Ocean Race - Vestas 11th Hour Racing - PUSHING HARD

After spending just a few more hours in the Doldrums than the rest leading pack, the blue boat experienced what Simon Fisher called "a kick in the stomach" when their lead disappeared overnight earlier in the week. Now, with the most easterly position and 2,000 miles to go, they are pushing hard around the Bermuda High and into the Sargassum Sea to fight for the lead back into their homeport of Newport. 
With an expected arrival around the 8th of May, the last 200 miles will be the trickiest of the entire leg as the weather models do not even agree on what to expect. Unseasonable warm air temperatures, cold water, and quickly developing weather systems means anything can still happen.

Watch the final sprint into Newport race unfold live on or via the Volvo Ocean Race app. 

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