mercoledì 7 marzo 2018

Sailing Series® 2018 - Discover the beauty of CIRCOLO VELA GARGNANO

The Circolo Vela Gargnano is founded in the winter of 1950.   The history of the CVG, which was originally called Circolo Vela and Motore Gargnano, is closely linked to Centomiglia, but over the years has been able to establish itself in the limelight as a promoter of other prestigious events such as:  "Pedrini Centomiglia Cup", FD World Championship, the Finn Junior European Championship, the "Mini Tonner" World Championship, five editions of the European Championship of the Ace 99, the European Championships for the Melges 24 classes, Surprise , Trias, Sprinta Sport, Fun, the "Nations Cup", the first National Lottery, World Youth Championship, has managed the Italian team in the historic and first victory at the Admiral's Cup.

Since 1996 it has hosted the lecture hall for the blind sailors of the "Homerus" group of which it has promoted the first National Championship and the 2010 World Championship.
Since 1997 he has been collaborating in "Navigando nel grande mare della solidarietà", a national conference reserved for those who use sailing as a
rehabilitative tool or as a moment of aggregation.
From 2005 to 2007 the Circolo Vela Gargnano is present with "+39 Challenge" at the approach circuit of the America's Cup in Valencia and in 2007 participates in the races of the challengers in the Louis Vuitton Cup.
From 2011 promotes each season the European Championship and the Italian Championship of all classes for sailors with problems in the motor field (Hansa Class) and the Paralympics fleet (2012-2015)
Since 2013 he has been a partner of Univela Campione in the organization of International events, World Championships, European Championships, Meetings of all the World Sailing Federations.
The sporting and social activity ranges from the organization of courses for youngsters and adults to the participation in regattas with various youth, Olympic and oceanic teams.
Various CVG hulls have won World, European and Italian Championships in the one-design classes.
The traditional calendar of the CVG provides in every season regattas reserved for the Olympic classes, the monotypes, the dinghies, for the young Optimist, the "Gentlemen's Cup", monotype championship for non-professional skippers.
The classic event is scheduled for the first Sunday in September (or the last one in August) with the Riccardo Gorla-Italian Grand Prix Marina Militare Trophy, opening event of the Seventh Velice of the "100Week International" which culminates the following Saturday with the "Centomiglia" to the whole lake. While the summer closure is consumed at the end of September with the "Childrewindcup" regatta with guests on a sailboat the boys of the Ospedale dei Bambini di Brescia.

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