giovedì 22 febbraio 2018

Volvo Ocean Race - Dongfeng Race Team - My passion for sailing – Daryl Wislang

Here’s something different – a nice blog from Dongfeng Race Team watch captain Daryl Wislang written during his off-watch in the Doldrums. Daryl offers a fascinating insight into how he developed into one the world’s top offshore ocean racers…and it all started with his parents trying to find a solution to stop a young Daryl and his brother Craig fighting so much.

I was born in 1981 in Nelson, New Zealand, and I was never too far from the water. My parents were both into their watersports. Mum was a New Zealand champion in water skiing and my father a national champion sailor, so it was natural for my brother and I to be around and in the water.
This started at a very young age with fishing trips in our small boat. Most of the time I managed to stay in the boat, but on one occasion when I was three years old, I leant over the side too far and found out what falling overboard was all about. We weren’t moving at the time and I was wearing my lifejacket!
After learning to swim it was time for Mum to teach us how to water-ski. This is something that I really enjoyed and I still love doing it today. Mum has shown us on many occasions that she can still do it, even at 60. It’s something that you never forget. Like riding a bike.
As my brother and I got older we started to have some very heated brotherly confrontations. This was when Mum and Dad would change my life forever, without knowing it at the time. Because my brother and I were fighting so much, our parents decided the best way to combat it was to get us working together as a team. This wasn’t possible in the other sports we played due to our age gap, so sailing it was. READ MORE

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