sabato 6 gennaio 2018

Volvo Ocean Race - #WindandWater - The Vestas 11th Hour -LEG 4 STARTS IN MELBOURNE BOUND FOR HONG KONG

"This leg is going to be challenging strategically," said Vestas 11th Hour Racing navigator, Simon Fisher (UK) ahead of Volvo Ocean Race’s Leg 4 to Hong Kong.  "It will be more a game of subtleties than the last leg which was more about making sure you were fast all the time."

The 6,000-mile leg will take the seven race crews out of Melbourne through the Bass Straight and into the Tasman Sea with expected windy conditions. Once the fleet rounds Cape Howe, they will have to manage the Eastern Australia Current which runs down the coastline and is famous for massive speeds and random eddies.
On the estimated 19-day leg, the sailors will also face the Doldrums once again, weave through multiple islands, and navigate the busy shipping traffic of the South China Sea before arriving in Hong Kong around January 21st.

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