venerdì 24 novembre 2017

#WindandWater: Vestas 11th Hour Racing Team

After 20 days at sea and the finish just hours away, the team is battling it out for second place in Leg 2 from Lisbon, Portugal to Cape Town, South Africa. Just under 100 miles to go, the team has Dongfeng Race Team within their sites and are hoping to make some tactical decisions in the final sprint to the finish. 

For most of the race, the Blueboat was within sight of Team Brunel or Dongfeng; even engaging in a gybing battle off the coast of Brazil last weekend.

"We have had a good battle with Brunel for over a week now," said Simon Fisher, navigator onboard. "They are going through the water well and we keep learning how to improve our own performance by sailing close to them."

The team was able to get ahead of the Dutch boat on Day 17 in the wet and wild conditions of the South Atlantic. For 72 hours, the team rode a cold front east traveling over 1,500nm with a record 540nm in a 24 hour period.

The tough conditions take a toll on the sailors. The constant struggle to stay dry below decks and getting the nutrition needed can be just as tiring as grinding it out on deck.

"As Charlie keeps telling us, we just have a few more days to go and then its vacation," says Stacey Jackson. "That keeps us motivated to know that we just need to keep pushing."

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