sabato 7 ottobre 2017

Sailing Series® - M32 Series Mediterranean - Act 5 / DAY 2 - BORA STOPS RACING IN TRIESTE

TRIESTE / BARCOLANA - Fincantieri Cup - M32 Mediterranean Series
It was a no racing day in Trieste, where the M32 Fincantieri Cup was expected to sail the penultimate day of the M32 Mediterranean Series, the international circuit organized by BPSE reserved for the M32, owner/driver catamarans able to reach some impressive speed.

After a long wait ashore, Race Committee had to surrender in front of the Bora’s gusts, that was blowing over 30 knots from the early morning, and fixed the warning for the final day of the season for tomorrow at 8.30.

The aim is to sail up to eight races to discover the name of the winner of the M32 Fincantieri Cup, held in front of the big crowd of the world famous Barcolana, that is gathering quite 2000 boats in sight of the main event set for sunday, and of the circuit.

After the first day of race the leaders of the leg are Vikings and Section 16, while the circuit’s ranking is leaded by Vitamina Veloce. Due to the short ranking, everything is still in play.

Along the day, BPSE leader Riccardo Simoneschi unveiled the dates of the next season:

ACT 1 - March, 23rd-25th
ACT 2 - April, 27th-29th
ACT 3 - May, 25th - 27th
ACT 4 - June, 22nd - 24th
ACT 5 - July, 27th - 29th
ACT 6 - August, 24th - 26th
ACT 7 - October, 4th - 6th

The 2018 M32 Mediterranean Series will touch different Nations: Monaco, Italy, France and Switzerland. The full schedule, with the venues, will be announced at the end of November.

"It will be a great season, that will confirm the great appeal of the M32 catamarans and racing format. If you will see it with your eyes, you'll never forget it: this is what the spectators here in Trieste, on the amazing scenario of Barcolana, are saying about the M32 Mediterranean Series" stated Riccardo Simoneschi.

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