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2017 World Cup Series Hyères - "I have a job to do" - Q&A with Damien Seguin

Richard Aspland: Bonjour Damien. Damien Seguin: Bonjour.
RA: The last time we spoke you had just won another Paralympic gold medal, what have you been doing since stepping on to that podium? DS: Since Rio I have sailed a lot, but not in the 2.4. I've been sailing in a small trimaran, Le Diam 24, in preparation for the next Tour de France.
RA: And what about out of the boat? DS: I have been trying to get money for my 2020 project of sailing in the next Vendée Globe.
RA: I remember that's been an ambition of yours for a while now, so it's still in the pipeline? DS: For sure. I have been trying to find a sponsor and I have now found one. I hope that we can buy a boat in the next week or so and then maybe do the next transatlantic in November, the Transat Jacques Vabre. Then it's three years of sailing to get ready for the Vendée Globe.
RA: So, is that an exclusive? A new boat is imminent? DS: Yeah. I hope I can announce the sponsor and the boat I'll have very very soon.
RA: Will you stay in France for your Vendée Globe training? DS: Yes. We have some really great places in France for Offshore sailing so why would I go anywhere else.
RA: Will this mean you won't be sailing the smaller boats? DS: I will continue in the 2.4 because if we are to get sailing back in to the Paralympics I think I have a job to do. If we have new, young people coming through I can help them. I know the boat very well and for sure if I can help I will be there.
RA: I know winning is obviously important for you, but you sound like bringing new people through in to the Para World Sailing classes is more important? DS: I really think it is. It's a global project and the leaders in the sport like myself, Heiko Kroeger (GER), Helena Lucas (GBR), we all have something to give to the young people.
It's not just a picture of a winner, it needs to be something more. Of course, I hope I can be a role model and that's why I will continue after Hyères and after the World Championships this year.

RA: So, 2020 will be the Vendée Globe, what would you do if sailing was reinstated to the 2024 Paralympics, would you sail? DS: Why not. I love sailing and I will sail any boat I can, so if I feel it's a good project for 2024 then yeah, why not.
RA: The Weta and the Hansa have been proposed as new equipment, would you sail either of those instead of the 2.4? DS: I think I would try the Weta. If a young guy or girl wants to sail with me then I would try that. I don't think I would sail the Hansa as if I sail a single hander it is the 2.4 for me. But if it's with someone else, then maybe the Weta.
RA: I know how much you care about Para World Sailing and the Paralympics, is the sport going in the right direction? DS: I think we are. We have chosen new equipment and they will bring some more people in to competitive sailing. But maybe we could look at something totally different as well. Like Kitesurfing maybe. I know loads of people in wheelchairs who do kitesurfing.
RA: We have spoken quite a few times now and you are always so energetic and happy about sailing, would you say it's your life? DS: Yes for sure. The way I see it, whatever I want to do in my life I can do it in a boat.
RA: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me again Damien, it's always a pleasure. And I hope to hear about your Vendée sponsor very soon. DS: Merci.
Damien Seguin will continue his hunt for a seventh Hyères title on day four of the 2017 World Cup Series.


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