giovedì 28 luglio 2016


Puerto Portals, July 27th 2016 - As predicted by the Bronenosec Gazprom's navigator Francesco Mongelli at the beginning of the Puerto Portals Sailing Week, third event of the 52 Super Series, Palma de Mallorca is confirming itself as... Palma de Mallorca. Indeed, even today, on the race course has blown a consistent sea breeze, with the difference that, in the mid-afternoon, the eastern side of the bay was crossed by a significant swell which made more interesting the short coastal race (18.5 nm) held just after the fifth windward-leeward race.

Thanks to a double bullet, Quantum Racing (DeVos-Hutchinson, 1-1) broke the tie with Azzurra (Parada-Vascotto, 2-4), taking the lead of the series when at the end are missing four races. The reigning TP52 World Champion is now third, with the same points of Provezza (Imre-Beadsworth, 3-2), classified second due to the first obtained in race number four.

Bronenosec Gazprom (Liubomirov-Ivaldi, 5-3) had a satisfactory day with the third position grabbed in the coastal race, although in terms of ranking lost some ground to the leaders: absolutely nothing compromise, given that the podium is now only three points away.

"We had two good starts today and in the coastal race we were able to keep the third position for quite all the race, moving up to second for a little while, despite the tricky race track and the many difficult decisions to make during the nearly three hours of racing. Ending the day with a fifth and a third is pretty nice: now we have a solid fourth in the overall ranking and the second is just three points away" Bronenosec Gazprom's strategist Adrian Stead explained at the end of the day.

Due to the change of program, the Puerto Portals Sailing Week will resume tomorrow afternoon with other two windward-leeward races and will end on Friday. The event will count on a ten races series, with no discard allowed.

In Puerto Portals, the bearer hull of the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club is sailed by Vladimir Liubomirov (owner-driver), Michele Ivaldi (skipper-tactician), Adrian Stead (strategist), Francesco Mongelli (navigator), Victor Serezhkin (backstay), Paul Westlake (mainsail trimmer), Claudio Celon (trimmer), Zack Hurst (trimmer), Emanuele Marino (grinder), Pietro Mantovani (grinder), Andy Fethers (pitman), Alex Kulakov (floater), Michele Cannoni (mid-bow) and Alberto Barovier (team manager-bowman). The team activity is coordinated by the coach Francesco de Angelis while the shore team leader is Francesco Binetti Pozzi.
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The season of Bronenosec Sailing Team is supported by Gazprom, Garmin, FSE Robline, USail and Meteowind.

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