venerdì 31 ottobre 2014

Team SCA in the Volvo Ocean Race - Day 19 - ​An average day out here

Everyone showed up to work on time, and despite a bit of the expected yawns when first arriving to work, everyone brought their A-game. Even the wind decided to show up to work! However, I think the wind must still be recuperating from a wild night a few nights ago, as it was still not at 100%. Better than yesterday though; we’re still in shock about the wind’s performance yesterday— unacceptable really!

The “water cooler” location was constantly shifting as the worker-bees spent most of their time making sure their weight was in the correct place for ultimate boat performance. So, everyone stayed incredibly hydrated, as the day was unusually hot.
Everyone over dressed for work today, as it was pretty warm on our average, workday, Wednesday. It was so nice out that Libby the navigator even came out to enjoy the last bit of hot sun—she usually stays inside making decisions and predicating the future with Sam. When Libby came out she taught us all about clouds—she’s quite the multi-talented co-worker!
Just like any Wednesday at the office, the general topic of conversation around the water cooler was plans for the weekend. We will all be in the Southern Ocean, so it should be a pretty epic weekend to say the least. Sara said she already has her wardrobe ready and organized; this will be Sara’s first time going to the Southern Ocean.
Today’s average day at the office also included some last minute checks before the big weekend. Sophie went up the rig to make sure everything was 100%, and Abby and Liz continued a detailed inspection of the boat. I’m not lying when I say it’s going to be one big weekend.
So yeah today was just an average day out here—no surprises and no excitement, just a quiet, average Wednesday. (

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