mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Di Benedetto al Vendée Globe 2012/13 - day 102

Questa è la situazione rilevata alle 8:30 ora italiana attuale: Alessandro Di Benedetto sta risalendo l'Atlantico e si trova al largo delle coste del Portogallo al largo di Capo Finisterrae: attualmente è undicesimo in classifica ed è l'unico skipper ancora in regata. La velocità di Alessandro è scarsa: poco più di un nodo ed anche la sua rotta lascia molto a desiderare dato che è rimasto intrappolato in una bolla di alta pressione in bonaccia. Ora la sua distanza dall'arrivo è di circa 425 miglia. Tanguy De Lamotte su Initiatives-Coeur ha tagliato il traguardo a Les Sables  l'altro ieri mattina.

Eighty miles off Cape Finsterre, remaining quietly patient but on a state of high alert due to the high level of shipping traffic, Italian skipper Alessandro Di Benedetto is content to wait until the winds pick up on Wednesday to propel him on his final miles to the finish of his Vendée Globe, now expected to be on Friday.

There was not a hint of frustration in the voice of Di Benedetto this afternoon when he spoke with Vendée Globe HQ in Les Sables d’Olonne. The ebullient Team Plastique skipper has been dogged by light winds through today, making just one to three knots for much of the day, in hesitant breezes caused by the ridge of high pressure which has been blocking his passage to Les Sables d’Olonne, but he simply states ‘ this is the way it is going round the world’

“It is good, it is going well.” Di Benedetto said this afternoon, “It is very light winds, just 2 to 3 knots, maximum 5 to 6 knots at times and it was like that all of the night. You are fighting some of the time to make juts half a knot. There are long waves. I have 450 miles to Les Sables d’Olonne and expect to arrive on the 22nd.”

“I am having to watch out for ships and cargos because it is a busy area here. I have seen three today. I have the radar and AIS on but you always have to take care. I called up one ship last night but he confirmed to me that he had seen me and told me to hold my course.”

“I do want to finish as soon as possible but if it takes three days to get there I have no problem with that. I have been working on the boat a little bit, cleaning up, cleaning some clothes, putting videos and press stuff on to the hard disks, and cooked the last small sweets.”

“ I am really looking forwards to being back to seeing my family and my girlfriend and to meet the public. The public are who makes this Vendée Globe so special and so I am looking forwards to making a speech for them.”

“Tomorrow the winds will pick up to more than 20kts and so I should get across the Bay of Biscay OK in that.” Concluded Di Benedetto.

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