lunedì 19 novembre 2012

Alessandro Di Benedetto alla vendée Globe 2012/13 - messaggio del 19/11

Ciao, Finally there is a little sunshine and trade winds. The wind is unstable because of heavy rains and I need to be vigilant all the time. I partially solve the hydro generator problem I cut diodes, I'm building some fuse wires doing some soldering! Yesterday, a saffron wedge blocker jumped, I'll replace it with a piece of textile or I'll try to adapt a wedge boom to the saffron. I'm well rested and I can still eat well. Sometimes, because of heavy rains or ballast management, I have to postpone my meal time and it creates a small vortex ... in my stomach!

This reminds me that it is time to eat. I realise that it is 4PM and I skipped lunch. But this is also good because it is part of the navigation and this fantastic round-the-world race.
We forget some things ... and we learn so many more ...
I'm at the latitude of the Canaries and I have memories of my previous trips in mind.

The air here is warm and I'm wearing my bathing suit almost all the time.
The boat looks great and sometimes I greward myself by surfing at 20 knots, havig a great time in the process.
Every night, I look at the polar star, which reminds me I'm getting closer to the other side of the planet.
I thank everyone who amade it possible for me to live this adventure.
So thank you Didier Elin, Team Plastique, all the other partners, my team, volunteers, my girlfriend, family and friends.
Have a good day,

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