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Global Ocean Race - Christmas in the Tasman Sea

Christmas greetings from Conrad Colman - Photo Cessna Citation  
South of Tasmania, the Christmas park-up has been temporarily suspended for the Global Ocean Race leaders as Cessna Citation and BSL are on the move again with Campagne de France hard on the chase, although the weather for the Tasman Sea crossing is far from clear. West of the leading trio by 700 miles, Financial Crisis and Phesheya-Racing face a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day gale at 45S. For Conrad Colman and Sam Goodchild, the breeze filtered back in on Friday evening GMT with the New Zealand-British duo climbing north from 48S on Cessna Citation and by 12:00 GMT on Christmas Eve, Ross and Campbell Field in second with BSL had slowed down to just over four knots – half the speed of Cessna Citation – trailing Colman and Goodchild by 126 miles with both boats reaching the same latitude as the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island.
Meanwhile, Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron continued to average 10-11 knots until mid-morning GMT on Saturday with Campagne de France in third place as they flat-line east, 150 miles south of Tasmania, slicing the miles from Cessna Citation and BSL and trailing BSL by 151 miles at midday GMT on Christmas Eve.

Furthest west, 1,300 miles behind the GOR’s lead boat, the South African duo of Nick Leggatt and Phillippa Hutton-Squire took fifth-place Phesheya-Racing over the eastern end of the Australian Ice Limit at 01:00 GMT on Saturday, removing 16 miles from Marco Nannini and Hugo Ramon on Financial Crisis overnight, but the Italian-Spanish duo found strong breeze on Saturday morning and picked up the pace to just under 13-knot averages, with Financial Crisis holding a 356-mile lead over Phesheya-Racing.

With 929 miles of Leg 2 remaining, the ten GOR sailors are now getting ready for Christmas Day. In the words of the fleet’s youngest sailor, 22 year-old Sam Goodchild: “The tinsel and Santa hat is out as we prepare for our Christmas at sea. Merry Christmas to everyone back on dry land and feel free to drink and eat even more in our behalf….”

Merry Christmas from the GOR teams and the GOR Race Organisation.
GOR Leg 2 leaderboard at 18:00 GMT 24/12/2011:
1.    Cessna Citation: DTF 929 8.6kts
2.    BSL: DTL 126 4.3kts
3.    Campagne de France: DTL 277 8.1kts
4.    Financial Crisis: DTL 993 12.7kts
5.    Phesheya-Racing: DTL 1349 8.4kts

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