martedì 6 febbraio 2018

Dado Castelli joins Doyle Italia's team

Palermo, 6th February 2018 - After the new entries of Max Sirena and Checco Bruni, Doyle Italia is proud to announce that Alessandro "Dado" Castelli, world famous sail designer, will join the team. Majored in aeronautical engeneering with a paper on a full sail aeroelastic model coupled with a VPP, a few months after his degree he started his adventure in the America's Cup with Fast 2000, working at the Lausanne Institute of Technology (EPFL).

During his career, "Dado" has gained an incredible experience as sail designer and one design manager, winning the X3 and J24 world competitions, the latter with sails he designed himself.

Since 2010 he's a private consultant, specialist in improving the regatta boats' performances. In the last 10 years he's become one of the european reference points in his area, working alongside the most important sailmakers in the field of fluid dynamics e specialising in Velocity Prediction Program (VPP).

Castelli joins the Doyle Italia team to strengthen the one design and regatta sails design department, granting years of experience on the aeroelastic calculation e fluid-structure interaction. This new entry will upgrade Doyle Italia's teamwork design, increasingly focused on a proficuous collaboration with the New Zealand parent company.

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