sabato 18 novembre 2017

Volvo Ocean Race - Dongfeng enters the south Atlantic super-highway to Cape Town

It is Day 13 on board Dongfeng as they race to Cape Town in Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race. From the photos above, it is obvious the spirits are still high on the red boat, as is the motivation with the team focussed on fighting for the lead.  As Charles Caudrelier said in his latest update; "the team has done a fantastic job since the start to keep our position and I know they will never give up and we are ready to push the extra mile."  

The final week of this marathon 7,000-mile stage from Lisbon is set to be dominated by Southern Ocean-style heavy weather sailing when the driving skills of Stu Bannatyne will once again be called for. As usual it is – and will not be – all plain sailing with the navigators having to work out how far east they dare go before straying into the western fringes of the St Helena high, which is currently producing a huge area of light winds stretching over 2,000 miles from Cape Town towards Rio de Janeiro. So far so good for Pascal, who speaks about the good atmosphere and skills on board Dongfeng in a recent video here.

Pascal has been busy at the wheel too, with our Onboard Reporter, Jeremie Lecaudey, writing aninteresting observation whilst standing behind the various drivers on board. 

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Have a good weekend - if you can manage to prise yourself away from the tracker that is!

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