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2017 Cascais Dragon World Championship - Day 5 - Provezza Dragon remains the lead

2017 Cascais Dragon World Championship_Day 5 Provezza Dragon remains the lead One more day spent at the Cascais Dragon World Championship, a pride event for the Clube for the Municipality of Cascais and for the Country. Cascais and his race course have unique conditions for the practice of sailing, especially the proximity to the hotels. Secondly, has a lot to offer in terms of infrastructures and finally, the excellent organization that makes the sailors want to return. 

The fifth day at the Cascais Dragon World Championship provided an excellent performance for all sailors. It was very hard as usual but they are delighted. Beside the excellent race the sailors and visitors also enjoyed an epic happy hour. Today, they shared the race course with a group of dolphins who decided to participate in the Cascais Dragon World Championship. 

The first race started at 1 p.m. with good weather conditions, sun and 20 knots wind from NW. Hendrik Witxmann and his team, Henrique Anjos and Markus Koy sailing the Desert Eagle won this race ahead of Fever helmed by Klaus Diedrichs and sailed by Diego Negri and Jamie Lea. In third place was Rocknrolla helmed by Dmitry Samokhin and sailed by Andrey Kirilyuk and Alexey Bushuev. 

The second race followed much the same pattern as the first and was dominated by Alfie helmed by Lawrie Simth and the Portuguese sailors Hugo Rocha, João Matos Rosa and Gonçalo Ribeiro. In second place is Rocknrolla and the third is Drago helmed by José Matoso. So far, 7 races have been sailed in five days Provezza, the current champion, dominated almost all the races and remain the first place in the overall with 22 points, giving no chance to their opponents. Annapurna team with 29,2 points is on second position and the third is Alfie with 31 points.

In the Corinthian division, destined to the 100% amateur crews, the leader is the German Rosie helmed by Benjamin Morgen and crewed by Tim Trober e Nicolas Raedecke, with 22 points. The Desert Holy of Stephan Link remain the lead in the Masters division, where the crews are constituted by sailors older than 50 years. In general, it was a good day for a Portuguese fleet, 11 boats with high level sailors such as José Sotto Mayor Matoso, Gustavo Lima and Frederico Melo, European champions in 2013 in Cascais. 

Also note the participation of Patrick Monteiro de Barros, eight times National Dragon and Olympic Sailing Champion with his team Rodrigo Vantacich and Alvaro Marinho, which has 4 Olympic diplomas, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.   Tomorrow, the last day of the event and the last race scheduled at 1 p.m., with the forecast of sun and moderate wind, will certainly be a decisive and lively day with the usual Prize-awarding Ceremony.

The Cascais World Dragon Championship is organized by the Clube Naval de Cascais on the initiative of Dragopor, the Portuguese Dragon Class Association, entity that represents the class around the international and national organisms.

Clube Naval de Cascais, the host, organize this event with high sponsorship of the Camara Municipal de Cascais e do Turismo de Portugal and the support of Marina de Cascais, Casino Estoril, Hendricks, Sagres, Vista Alegre, Leitão e Irmão, Holmes Place and Simões e Gaspar. Also counts with the support of JC Decaux, TVI24 and Radio Comercial as the media partners and the Certification of The Sailors for the Sea.

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