venerdì 9 dicembre 2016


The low pressure system which is coming from the South of Tasmania is now moving towards the South of New Zealand while strengthening. It is going to cross the route of both leaders. They will have to face Southwesterly winds up to 45 knots and heavy seas. Banque Populaire which possesses a good hundred miles lead will be closer to the center of this depression and should have winds stronger than Hugo Boss. 
The question for the skippers is to know if they will have to slow down or not, as Yann Eliès did a few days ago to allow the low coming from Madagascar to pass ahead of him. The faster they sail, the tougher the conditions will be. They need to find the right compromise between speed and the risk of breaking something on the © Great Circleboat. For Hugo Boss, that can be the opportunity to catch up a few miles over Banque Populaire.
The group of 6 chasing boats is sailing to the North of the following low. They now have a different system from the 2 leaders.  It will not be easy to catch them.   The third group led by Louis Burton is situated at more than 1100 miles back from Thomas Ruyant. They are in the third system and have to sail along the border of the Arctic exclusion zone to avoid the high pressure system to their North.

Sébastien Destremau and Didac Costa are trying not to be caught by the high pressure system which is building to their West.   We now have several groups of boats which sail in different systems. They are © Great Circlespread out about 7500 miles. While the first ones begin to look at what could happen as they approach Cape Horn in two weeks from now, the ones at the rear will be crossing  the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope.

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